Project Management

Services Overview

Our Project Management Services entail provision of enduring end-to-end applied engineering solutions based on a thorough understanding of the project and its broader context and our client’s requirements. Our PM Services are structured to achieve project objectives, address project challenges, and achieve outcome-based results for cost, schedule, and quality -- with established KPI’s to continuously monitor results trajectory.

PMC Services cover:

Project Understanding

For every client engagement, we perform a rigorous review of the physical, functional, and policy environment within which the project will be developed and subsequently operated. We present our Client with alternative options on development approaches, with our proposed engineering solutions, roadmap for achieving project objectives and the broad parameters by which we plan to monitor performance.

Planning for Execution

Estimate durations and resources from initiation to completion, setting milestones and gateways for the development of project logistics based on forecasted activities to achieve target dates and budgets.

Value Engineering

Identify opportunities at the design stage to optimize cost, schedule, and quality without detriment to project outcomes.

Cost Management & Control

Develop project estimates and budget,monitor and control expenditures and manage the timeline.

Quality Planning

Tailor industry standard QA/QC solutions to specific project requirements and monitor and manage quality performance across the project lifecycle.

Health, Safety and Environment

Bring to each client engagement working knowledge of international and country-specific HSE regulations and requirements and devise a rigorous safety & environmental program in project execution.

Obtaining Authority Approvals

Assure comprehensive identification of all required regulatory approvals and manage the process of obtaining such approvals from authorities with jurisdiction.

Risk Assessment & Mitigation Measures

Identify and prioritize risks throughout the project lifecycle and provide necessary actions and solutions to mitigate impact.