Master Planning

Services Overview

Our approach to the preparation of a Master Plan begins with an understanding of the appropriate context; be it a National Strategy in the instance of a major Master planning development, or the communal, cultural, and aesthetic surroundings of a community development and is based on public inputs, surveys, planning initiatives, existing developments and site physical characteristics.

Producing the Master Plan involves the following:

  • An understanding of the strategic and socio-economic context of the development
  • A survey of available and planned infrastructure connectivity
  • Conduct of a feasibility study & choice of land-use option
  • Understanding open space/public realm
  • Site analysis of opportunities and limitations
  • Production of land-use plan alternatives
  • A study of urban development guidelines
  • The development of control regulations

Our Master Planning services span the full spectrum from pre-concept planning and analysis, to concept master planning & detailed master planning.