Strata 2 Manufacturing Facility

Strata Manufacturing PJSC, a wholly owned Mubadala Aerospace and Engineering Services (AES) company, is a state-of-the-art advanced composite aero-structure manufacturing plant in Al Ain.

Under the Offset Program, Strata has secured the manufacturing of the Boeing 787 Vertical Fin and the Airbus A320 Horizontal Tail. The manufacturing of these components will be housed in a dedicated facility of an approximate size of 55,000 m2 (excluding utility areas), to be constructed within the Al Nibras Aerospace Park. The plant known as “Strata 2” is expected to be operational during 2019.

We’re pleased to announce that PMDC have been appointed as the Project Management Consultancy to carry out services for the successful delivery of the Strata 2 plant.

Client Mubadala
Industry Aviation
Staffing 10
Country Nibras Aerospace Park, Al Ain